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  • Clean, domestically produced
  • Lower emissions than any other fuel
  • Significantly less pollutants
  • Station built to fit your network
  • Full turn-key solution
  • We are the fuel supply experts we supply over 700 locations
  • We have constructed over 100 sites
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Top of the line fast fill equipment and redundant compressors for 99.9% up time

Why CNG?

Our national dependence on foreign oil has meant dealing with fluctuating supply and price volatility. GAIN® empowers your business success by providing a secure, superior gateway to next-generation energy. Partnering with U.S. Gain can help your business avoid the volatility of fuel costs with minimal risk. Our innovative programs and our financial resources allow us to customize our GAIN Clean Fuel program to your business ensuring that the program is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Natural gas offers a cleaner, more cost effective alternative to petroleum.
  • Vast domestic natural gas distribution system already in place making switching easy and seamless.
  • U.S. Gain provides fast fill dispensers filling your tanks in the same amount of time as traditional fuels.
  • U.S. Gain provides a complete program with all the elements needed for a successful and profitable energy conversion.

CNG Business & Marketing Consultation Services

U.S. Gain prides itself on not only assisting our customers with their compressed natural gas needs, but also helping to create a sustainable business solution. Our experts are well versed and informed on CNG funding programs, clean fuel transportation capabilities and how to best market business sustainability programs.

No Money Down Program

Quantum and Gain Clean Fuels form industry alliance for a No Money Down Program for CNG Trucks. To receive more information, email us or follow this link.