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Credit Generation

Did you know that 374 entities generated more than 14.7 million credits as part of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) in 2019? And – credit generation continues to grow within California, climbing to roughly 68.9 million LCFS credits at the end of 2020’s second quarter. The financial gains your organization can realize from environmental commodity programs are real.


Credit generation allows organizations using alternative fuels (such as electric, hydrogen and renewable natural gas) within their fleet of vehicles or forklifts the ability to secure a new revenue stream through financial credits – without any additional cost.

Why? State and federal governments have begun to incentivize the development, distribution and use of alternative fuels because of their positive environmental impacts. Through participation in these incentive programs, namely, California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program , organizations can benefit by simply using low carbon fuels. We’ve already helped Tire’s Warehouse generate credits from their fleet of e-lifts – learn more by reading this case study.

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Registration: Fleets seeking to generate credits must first become registered by the regulating entity (California’s Air Resources Board, for example).

Data Gathering: Fleets then must record fuel/electricity consumption, the energy source’s pathway and carbon intensity. This data is then submitted to the regulating entity for review.

Credit Generation/Monetization:  Once data is reviewed and verified, credits will be awarded during the next credit issuance cycle outlined by the regulating entity. Then, the credits can be sold to buyers, monetizing their value.

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Leveraging our experience working within environmental commodity programs, such as the LCFS, CFP and RFS, since their inception, U.S. Gain has transacted a multitude of credits across various fuel types and market segments. We’ll manage the entire process, taking on the paperwork burden and compliance risk.

Backed by the strength and size of U.S. Venture, Inc., we’re able to promote an industry-leading trading team, known for a history of outperforming annual indexed averages through keen market insight, established relationships with buyers and extensive trading best practices. Additionally, our expertise in transportation will ensure your organization maximizes their credit potential.

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Credit Generation Programs

  • Continue Reading Low Carbon Fuel Standard – California

    Since 2011, California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) has been providing credit generation opportunities for those developing and using alternative fuels to reduce emissions throughout the state. More recently, hydrogen and electric forklifts have been made available to generate LCFS credits as well.

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  • Continue Reading Clean Fuels Program – Oregon

    Starting in 2016, Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program (CFP) allowed clean fuel providers, including those developing natural gas, dispensing propane, manufacturing ethanol and biodiesel or supplying electricity for electric vehicles, to engage in credit generation – along with fleets using these fuels for their fueling.

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  • Continue Reading Renewable Fuel Standard – United States

    In 2005, Congress created the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), to reduce petroleum-based fuels by replacing them with renewable fuels . While natural gas is included in this standard, electric and hydrogen are not. But, recognizing the role they have in a polyfuel future, we are actively advocating for their inclusion.

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  • Emission Offsets Regulation – British Colombia

    Further, British Colombia also has an environmental commodity program. Their British Colombia Emission Offsets Regulation (BC EOR) is working across sectors – resulting in widespread benefit and comprehensive reductions of greenhouse gases.

Credit Generation Benefits

  • Generate a New Revenue Stream
    Generate a New Revenue Stream
  • Never Pay Us a Penny
    Never Pay Us a Penny
  • Leverage Your Existing Fleet
    Leverage Your Existing Fleet

With governments having incentivized the development, distribution and use of alternative fuels, those participating in these programs can add significant revenue back into their operations. U.S. Gain can leverage our in-house trading team to facilitate the sale of credits to deficit holders at maximum value – resulting in a continual revenue stream for your organization.

And – the best part about credit generation? You’ll never pay us a cent! Being an incentive program, governments want organizations like yours to participate, so they can expand the adoption of alternative fuels by fleets across the country. All you have to do is keep your fleet operating as usual and we will send you a check for your monetized credits quarterly. U.S. Gain will handle the entire credit generation process for you, from start to finish, dealing with any program updates and policy changes that may arise.

Another incentive for credit generation is that you can leverage your existing fleet of alternative fuel vehicles to generate these clean fuel credits – with no necessary changes to your fleet vehicles or infrastructure. U.S. Gain can work with you to help you understand what incentive programs your current fleet is eligible for or link you with grant funding to expand your fleet and begin generating additional credits across fuel types.


We’ll help you realize revenue by simply doing what you’re doing.


Director of Product Management