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Station Owners

Did you know that natural gas station owners in California and Oregon are getting paid to dispense fuel?


Natural gas station owners in California and Oregon are eligible for financial credits for simply dispensing renewable natural gas (RNG) in place of compressed natural gas (CNG). You can literally get paid for selling clean fuel.


Policymakers understand the positive impact alternative fuel has on air quality and have therefore created the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (CA), Clean Fuels Program (OR) and of course, the federal Renewable Fuel Standard. These programs all offer financial credits for development and use of clean fuel and as a natural gas station owner, you are eligible for a portion of the credits.

Truck at Gain Clean Fuel station


Renewable natural gas delivers unbeatable lifecycle emission reductions, better than compressed natural gas and even electric — something you can be proud to promote as a station owner.

Financial rewards for dispensing renewable natural gas, coupled with its ease of use, provides a business case you can’t ignore. No changes to fueling infrastructure, your customers’ fueling experience or vehicle modifications. Converting from compressed to renewable natural gas is merely paperwork (the easy kind) and our team of experts is here to assist you along the way. Renewable natural gas is truly the easy way to save.

How much can you receive?

Budweiser Truck at Gain Clean Fuel station


Renewable natural gas offers benefits you can’t afford to ignore. So what’s the catch? There isn’t one … other than time. Because of strong financial benefits, Renewable natural gas is a highly desirable fuel. The more station owners and fleets learn about it, the more they demand it.

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