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Did you know according to Nielsen Research, approximately 60% of consumers expect corporations to care about the environment, specifically air quality? Companies nationwide like Anheuser-Busch, UPS and Supervalu are a few of the many leading trucking fleets using alternative fuel, specifically natural gas, to showcase their commitment to the environment, and many are saving money as a result.


  • Financial Savings
    Financial Savings
  • Emission Savings
    Emission Savings
  • Convenient Fueling
    Convenient Fueling
  • Excellent Operator Experience
    Excellent Operator Experience

Natural gas features a low, stable price-per-gallon, and strong financial incentives to offset the initial truck purchase or station build. To accelerate the adoption of alternative fuel, the government has created clean fuel programs like the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Oregon Clean Fuel Program. These programs award clean fuel credits for developers and users of renewable natural gas.

Compared to diesel and even electric, renewable natural gas boasts unrivaled lifecycle, or well to wheel, greenhouse gas emission savings. Further, new engine technology features near-zero nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions. As a result, transitioning your trucking fleet to renewable natural gas positively impacts air quality for the areas in which you operate.

Trucking fleets can access the more than 1,200 natural gas public fueling stations across the country or choose to build new – either a public or private site. Those with return-to-base routes can leverage time-fill fueling, enabling vehicles to fuel overnight or during idle times, reducing labor costs and increasing efficiencies.

Drivers appreciate natural gas trucks because of their minimal noise and lack of vibration. Maintenance technicians appreciate that particulate matter filters and DEF have been eliminated. Plus, natural gas is colorless and odorless — something we can all appreciate.