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Fleet Fueling Made Easy

Fueling shouldn’t be complex. That’s why we’ve created a GAIN® Clean Fuel card to simplify the process. You’ll have detailed visibility into your fuel spend, avoid hidden fees and messy rebates, and benefit from flexible payment terms. Our cards are guaranteed to work even if the station’s internet is down—helping your fleet stay on the road.

To apply, please reference the APPLICATIONS BELOW

Note: forms differ for the U.S. and Canada.

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Email to:
[email protected]
Or print and mail to:
U.S. Gain
Attn: U.S. Gain Finance
425 Better Way, Appleton, WI 54915
Let Us Create Your Account

After we receive your information, our team will create your account and proprietary fleet credit cards. These cards can be used any time you fuel at our public GAIN® Clean Fuel locations.

Reach out to learn how your organization can get started.

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Sara Wiegert

National Account Manager