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3 Things You Need to Know About RNG Project Compliance

It’s likely you’ve heard the word ‘compliance’ used in various contexts: medical, legal and now, with renewable natural gas (RNG) development. However, the definition of compliance in the RNG world differs from the usual. So, what does it mean then you ask? Great question – let’s break it down.

What is RNG compliance?

Often compliance is thought of as conforming to standards, rules, laws and regulations. While true in part, to the RNG development community, compliance takes on an additional meaning. It includes the completion of necessary back-office work that is required to bring a project to market. This process includes registering your project with the right entities, either at the state or federal level, and ensuring you have the appropriate metrics in place. Completion of the registration process allows clean fuel credits to be generated in accordance with regulatory programs such as the RFS, LCFS and CFP.

However, compliance is more than just the act of filing paperwork – it’s the application and acquisition of knowledge acquired from years of experience adhering to EPA and CARB regulations. Our team of compliance experts have spent years building upon their knowledge to provide you with a seamless transition in getting your project registered and brought to market. Also, we know compliance isn’t a new concept within the alternative fuels market. Prior to its application for RNG, it was used with biodiesel, ethanol and renewable diesel – an evolution our team understands.

Why is compliance important to your RNG development process?

Without compliance, you can’t bring your project online or supply to market meaning you won’t be able to capitalize on your investment. Aside from ensuring your project is registered, there are a few additional considerations. You still need to clean the gas and arrange for it to be sold to existing pipelines so it can then be distributed – a key step U.S. Gain is here to help with. We have experience handling interstate and intrastate pipeline scheduling so your RNG supply can be brought to market and generate revenue and credits sooner.

Furthermore, once your RNG supply has been drawn upon for use in the transportation industry, you now need to sell your credits to deficit holders – another step you can turn to us for. U.S. Gain has distinguished themselves from competitors by generating, managing and selling credits. Specifically, within selling credits, our team of experts leverage their experience in handling credit transactions to ensure you receive the most value for your RNG – every time.

Where does failure happen?

When failure occurs, typically, it is due to a lack of knowledge regarding RFS, LCFS and/or CFP requirements, specific to information necessary from each RNG production site through dispensing. Projects are therefore often built with little regard to specific data points, metrics and program specifics. However, with guidance from companies like us, we can ensure these are all addressed and accounted for from the start – avoiding headaches and setbacks later on.

If you’re looking to start a new RNG development project or need guidance navigating key regulatory programs specific to compliance –  contact us today and we can help you!

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