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U.S. Gain Expands Portfolio of Credit Generation Partnerships Throughout California

Appleton, Wis, Oct 19 2022 – U.S. Gain, a leader in the development and distribution of alternative fuel and renewable energy, is excited to announce six new credit generation agreements—expanding their offering of electric vehicle (EV) credit generation services to California fleets.


Uniquely positioned to handle both charger installation and maintenance while supporting and generating EV credits through California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), U.S. Gain manages the credit generation process from start to finish—maximizing financial return without any additional work for their customers.


“U.S. Gain is a long-term partner of ours in the fueling and credit generation space,” says Jim Burleson, transportation director for Moreno Valley Unified School District. “By effectively managing our credits, they’ve allowed us to make decisions about our energy transition that positively impact our students, employees, and community. Our team and partnership with U.S. Gain ensures the best for our students. Receiving credits has allowed us to attract and retain industry best talent who have the safety and future of our students in their hands.”


Backed by the strength and tenure of U.S. Venture, Inc., U.S. Gain’s industry-leading team, known for their history of outperforming annual indexed averages through strategic market insight, has established relationships with credit buyers. Additionally, their knowledge within the transportation sector allows them to leverage their experience and proprietary tracking platforms to streamline credit generation engagement.


“U.S. Gain has been generating credits under the LCFS program since its inception. To date, we’ve transacted over 82M credits when factoring in LCFS, RINS, and CFP credits,” said Scott Hanstedt, vice president of business development at U.S. Gain. “It is a complex system to navigate which is why we have an internal compliance team managing all aspects of program registration, reporting, and auditing along with staying abreast of policy changes—ultimately allowing our partners to focus on their bottom line.”


U.S. Gain’s six new credit generation deals include the following:


Stanislaus Regional Transit District (StanRTA)

U.S. Gain currently provides RNG and LCFS credit management for StanRTA—making EV LCFS credit generation a natural fit and next step. StanRTA currently operates six Proterra buses and has eight chargers installed.

Warehouse Specialists, LLC (WSI)

As one of the largest privately held logistics companies in the United States with a nationwide facility presence, U.S. Gain will provide credit generation services for WSI’s electric lifts in their California and Oregon warehouses.

Moreno Valley Unified School District

Moreno Valley Unified School District’s fleet of 42 electric buses makes it California’s largest EV school bus fleet. Partnering on EV LCFS credit generation completes their polyfuel portfolio which already includes renewable natural gas (RNG)—supplied by U.S. Gain.

Royal Coach

Royal Coach Tours isa leader in corporate shuttle transportation services with over 50 years of experience driving for some of the top companies in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. U.S. Gain will provide credit generation services for their electric bus fleet.

Pierce Joint Unified School District

Pierce Joint Unified School district received a grant through PG&E’s EV Charge Schools and Parks program which allowed them to install five public chargers for staff use. Pierce also utilizes five EV buses with charging onsite. U.S. Gain is partnering with Pierce on credit generation for both their private and public charging use cases.

Central Transportation

With 180 lifts in California and Oregon, Central Transportation expanded their polyfuel portfolio with U.S. Venture and partnered with U.S. Gain for LCFS credit generation.


U.S. Gain is proud to partner with these industry leaders to ensure their fleets are maximizing their credit potential. To learn more about credit generation opportunities for your fleet of electric vehicles or forklifts operating within California and/or Oregon, please contact Angela Lu ([email protected]).


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