Author: Amber Lamers
Amber Lamers

U.S. Gain Hires Jeff Cox to Lead Fleet Electrification

Appleton, Wis., November 29, 2022U.S. Gain, a leader in the development and distribution of alternative fuel and renewable energy, is excited to welcome Jeff Cox as their new business development manager for fleet electrification.

In this role, Cox will develop strong, long-term partnerships with key players in on-highway, bus, and last-mile delivery applications. Through tailored electrification and polyfuel plans, he will help organizations succeed in their transition to battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) while benefiting from a lower total cost of ownership.

“The EV landscape is filled with so many unknowns. As organizations define the makeup of their fueling portfolios, many are tasked with incorporating electrification strategies—a responsibility that doesn’t have to fall solely on fleet managers,” said Scott Hanstedt, vice president of business development for U.S. Gain. “From evaluation and adoption of new vehicle technology, installation of vehicle chargers, and management of credit generation services, Jeff will be a resource to fleets—regardless of need.”

With a background in engineering, commissioning services, and energy efficiency markets, Cox has held roles at Siemens, Sempra Energy, and United Technologies. Bearing a 30-year industry tenure, he developed and managed over 500 energy infrastructure projects throughout the Western U.S. territories using renewable and conventional technologies. Working alongside policymakers, Cox drafted and had multiple pieces of legislation and regulatory protocols passed to support renewable energy development, biogas usage, and utility interconnect procedures.

Most recently, Cox joined U.S. Gain as the former senior strategic account executive for Bloom Energy. In this role, he developed microgrids, fleet charging and renewable energy infrastructure, and power generation projects. Having worked for all three of the largest fuel cell manufacturers in the U.S.—FuelCell Energy, United Technologies, and Bloom Energy—he has spearheaded growth for new fuel cell power generating systems. Additionally, Cox served on the Board of Directors for The Center of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies (CEERT) as well as the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative.

“The demand to transition to clean transportation represents one of the greatest opportunities for growth in our nation’s energy market. Coming from a background in both electrical infrastructure and hydrogen energy, I believe U.S. Gain is the best possible organization in the industry that will allow me to combine my experience and apply it to support fleet operators in their transition to clean power sources,” shared Cox. “U.S. Gain’s capability to integrate systems from across the hydrogen and electric charging markets to deliver a comprehensive and optimized solution for customers is beyond any single-brand or stand-alone technology provider’s ability.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Jeff to the U.S. Gain team,” shared Mike Koel, president of U.S. Gain. “Fleets aren’t just looking for fueling, charging, or fleet management services, rather a provider that delivers insight into vehicle technology and market trends. Jeff’s unique background enables just that. Regardless of what stage of the buying process our customers may be in, he can help organizations be proactive about current (and future) adoption of electric vehicles.”


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