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U.S. Gain Supplies RNG for Thermal Emission Reductions

Appleton, WI, April 20, 2020– U.S. Gain is pleased to announce that it has completed a renewable natural gas (RNG) supply agreement with the Port of Seattle. RNG will be used to heat Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and power its fleet of buses.

“We’re proud to assist the Port of Seattle in meeting its 2030 carbon reduction goals well ahead of schedule,” said U.S. Gain Director of RNG Business Development Bryan Nudelbacher. “RNG is widely used by fleets across market sectors to reduce transportation-related emissions. More recently though, we’re seeing organizations take interest in RNG for other uses – such as reducing thermal energy-related emissions. We’re excited to see the Port of Seattle diversify application of RNG at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.”

RNG is produced from methane captured during the decomposition of organic materials at agricultural farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants, then cleaned and conditioned to meet pipeline standards and injected into existing natural gas distribution pipelines. RNG presents several benefits to organizations seeking emission reductions throughout their operations. It can be used as an alternative fuel to reduce scope 1 and/or 3 emissions, but also as a thermal energy solution to reduce heating and cooling-related scope 2 emissions.

“The transition to renewable natural gas is another example of the Port’s environmental leadership, even in hard times,” said Port of Seattle Commission Vice President Fred Felleman and founding co-chair of the Energy and Sustainability Committee. “While it’s critical that immediate attention be given to recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, we must continue to reduce our carbon footprint if we are to avoid the long-term economic and human costs associated with the climate crisis.” Through its initiatives, the Port of Seattle is working to become the most energy-efficient port in North America. This partnership is another step forward in achieving that goal.

“RNG is the best solution for organizations seeking immediate emission reductions,” Nudelbacher explained. “Because RNG is a drop-in solution for those consuming fossil natural gas today, it’s an easy transition that will produce significant environmental results. RNG can be procured through contracts with suppliers like U.S. Gain and comes without the need for infrastructure upgrades, features uninterrupted supply unlike other renewables and availability is increasing daily as new development projects come online.”




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