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The Alternative Fuel that Saves

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is the fastest pathway to transportation-related emission reductions with an affordable, proven total cost of ownership. Fleets nationwide are successfully running natural gas vehicles and making money doing so.

Don’t guess on technology that isn’t developed yet – although electrification will find its place in trucking, technology (and infrastructure) simply isn’t available yet. RNG is the sustainable energy solution to put your fleet ahead of the rest.

What is RNG?

RNG is methane captured from the decomposition of organic materials, cleaned and conditioned to meet natural gas pipeline quality standards. Once the gas is certified for use, it can be dispensed through natural gas fueling stations and consumed by fleets as the only carbon-negative sustainable energy solution.

It works with existing natural gas vehicles and comes with a nationwide network of stations. You even have the ability to fuel on your property, overnight in a time-fill application, truly minimizing driver downtime.

Save Money

RNG offers a total cost of ownership that fleets can afford. Fuel costs are stable, unlike volatility seen with diesel and federal assistance is available for new vehicle purchases and station builds. RNG specifically, is part of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) programs that comes with additional per-gallon financial credits for use, further strengthening the value proposition for change. RNG is one of the only fuels you can actually get paid to use!

Grants & Incentives

Save the Environment

RNG can provide environmental benefits no other fuel or energy source can, through emission reductions during the production process and actual use as a fuel. It boasts the lowest well-to-wheel (or lifecycle) emissions, truly improving air quality in areas that need it most. RNG can (and has) led to significant emission savings for many leading brands across North America, improving their overall sustainability efforts.


Interested in RNG?

Perhaps you’re a sustainability professional wondering if RNG can deliver emission reductions needed to satisfy your sustainability goals. Or maybe you’re a transportation professional considering which alternative fuel your company should evaluate. Or you may even be a station owner seeking RNG for your customers, but need a steady supply. Whatever the case – reach out. We’d be honored to have a conversation.

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