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Gain Clean Fuel station

Public or private, fast-fill or time-fill — your next alternative fuel station project starts here.

We work with best-in-class partners to build, operate and maintain alternative fuel stations across the country that feature unprecedented quality and performance.

As your partner, we’ll discuss options to determine your ideal fueling experience, while balancing budget and capacity. Our meticulous attention to detail means your station will be designed to specifications on time and within budget.

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Understanding your existing and future fueling profile will help us build an alternative fuel station that accommodates your needs today and tomorrow.


The future of fuel is changing, and we are here to help you evolve with it. We’re tenured in natural gas station development, but capable and eager to expand access to emerging fuels like hydrogen and electricity. We can even present options for a multi-fueling station to reflect your polyfuel future.

Design Configurations

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Public or Private

Fleets have the option to build public or private alternative fuel stations.

  • Public sites are strategically located along major shipping corridors, typically constructed with an anchor fleet that commits to annual gallon usage and shares in station profitability.
  • Private sites are installed on private property and typically only utilized by one fleet. These stations can be large to meet fleet needs or compact to meet space constraints.
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Fast-Fill or Time-Fill

Public stations typically feature fast-fill capabilities. However, private stations can feature either fast-fill or time-fill. See the difference below.

  • Much like diesel fueling, fast-fill alternative fuel stations fuel vehicles as fast as possible. Most public alternative fuel stations are fast-fill. Our GAIN Clean Fuel natural gas station network featuring an industry-leading seven gallons per minute, minimizing fleet downtime.
  • For fleets that have return-to-base operations, time-fill fueling is an option that can save both time and money. In time-fill applications, drivers connect vehicles after a shift, enabling efficient overnight or non-use fueling. Time-fill applications substantially reduce driver costs associated with fueling.


Impeccable Credentials. Proven Results.

  • Station Design & Planning
    Station Design & Planning
  • Station Construction
    Station Construction
  • Station Monitoring & Maintenance
    Station Monitoring & Maintenance

Our team of tenured, in-house engineers will design a station, or network of stations, tailored exclusively for your applications. We’ll take the time to understand not only current fueling needs, but also factor in growth inclusive of fleet size and fuels used to design a station that will expand with your business. With experience installing stations in most states, we’re versed in the permitting process and regional regulations. Further, we’re actively tracking grant programs with infrastructure components and will absolutely surface those in relevant geographies for consideration.

Our stations are known for industry-leading up time, performance and quality, stemming from the meticulous attention to detail devoted to every aspect of the build process. Aligned with best-in-class providers, rest assured your station project will be handled with the utmost professionalism – coming in both on time and budget.

Ongoing performance is where your experience with us will dramatically rise above the rest. Our operations team is passionately dedicated to creating and maintaining a best-in-class fueling experience through 24/7/365 station monitoring. If a problem arises, our customer support team is empowered to make decisions to get the station back online, performing remote diagnostics or dispatching a technician as soon as possible – not days later. Further – we’re committed to continuous improvement, analyzing the smallest of station interruptions to identify and implement the best preventative maintenance measures.

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Expanding Access to the Cleanest Fuel Solutions – One Station at a Time.

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We’re passionate about our customers’ success. This is something you’ll feel from the moment our conversation begins. We take pride in our work and genuinely want to ensure your experience with us is second to none.


Throughout the past ten years, we’ve established solid relationships with leading equipment providers, construction crews and technicians. These connections will ensure your station isn’t just built with the best in the business but maintained by them as well.

From greenfield projects to site upgrades to maintenance contracts – we have processes and procedures in place that will result in an efficient, successful experience.


Reach out to learn more.

Big or small, new or upgrade – we’d like to lead your next station development project.
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Pat Van Dehy

Director of Operations

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Andre Kaiser

Service Manager

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Brian Saarnio

Project Manager

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Jason Feger

Operations Manager