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Renewable Natural Gas Development

Waste Fuels Financial Rewards

Waste Equation

Farmers, landfill owners and municipalities across the nation have partnered with energy developers like U.S. Gain to transform their waste into clean, renewable natural gas (RNG) thanks to government-backed clean fuel programs and growing corporate demand for sustainable energy solutions.


Does your renewable natural gas development project need support, or do you simply want to learn more? As a vertically integrated renewable natural gas supplier involved with more than 30 projects, we can help. Our project development, financial strength, compliance expertise, and pathway to the transportation and energy markets will expedite your project’s approval and return on investment.

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Renewable natural gas, known also as biogas or biomethane, is methane captured from the decomposition of organic materials. To meet natural gas pipeline quality standards the methane is then cleaned and conditioned. Renewable natural gas can be consumed by fleets as the cleanest, only carbon-negative fuel solution or companies and utilities as a source of renewable energy.

And, it’s plentiful. Renewable natural gas is produced from a variety of feedstocks —agricultural, landfills and wastewater treatment facilities. With strong financial incentives and growing demand, the time to transform your waste to renewable natural gas is now.

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As a producer or developer, you may wonder if the renewable natural gas boom will be short-lived or long-term.

Consumers are demanding cleaner air. Governments have established air quality targets and pending emission policies. Corporations across industries have established sustainability goals with emphasis on emission reductions. Together, these elements showcase a long-term commitment to change.

Further, government programs that financially reward developers to bring clean fuel to market are strengthening. As transportation remains the largest source of emissions that contribute to poor air quality, it will remain an area of focus for demand and funding.


  • Project Development
    Project Development
  • Financial Strength
    Financial Strength
  • Compliance Expertise
    Compliance Expertise
  • Dispensing Capabilities
    Dispensing Capabilities

Our team of experts are tenured in all aspects of managing a renewable natural gas development project. From landfill regulations to agricultural waste management and gas rights, to clean-up, pipeline interconnect negotiating, trucking logistics and gas storage – our experience will take any project further, faster.

Backed by a strong U.S. Venture, Inc. balance sheet and ambition to quickly expand access to renewable natural gas, we’re able to offer equity investments as well as fixed or variable gas offtake agreement options. Depending on the needs of your project – we can help get the project started or simply be the gas marketer once gas is ready.

Our experience with renewable fuel standard (RFS), low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) and clean fuels programs is unrivaled, dating back to their inception. You’ll benefit from this in the form of faster project completion, accurate certification, best carbon intensity scores and ultimately – financial credits that are appropriately generated and monetized at highest values.

Renewable natural gas must be dispensed into transportation to maximize credit values. Whether through our 50+ GAIN Clean Fuel natural gas station network or 100+ other renewable natural gas distribution points throughout the United States and Canada, many in California, we’re your immediate link to the transportation market. And it’s important to note, the most opportunistic regions aren’t “full.” We have stations, fleets and companies demanding renewable natural gas.


Reach out to see how we can help.

Bryan Nudelbacher

Director of Business Development

Hardy Sawall

Hardy Sawall

Director of Business Development