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Fueling Sustainability

Transportation rivals electricity generation as the largest contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – compromising air quality for over 134 million, or 4 in 10, Americans. Due to the magnitude of this issue, companies across the nation have transitioned from diesel to renewable natural gas (RNG), where appropriate, in their supply chain activities.  What could lower transportation emissions mean for your sustainability goals? How about for communities with air quality issues?

  • Be the Change.

    Given the impact transportation has on overall emissions, it’s certainly worth investigating throughout your supply chain. Whether you’re supplying raw materials to production facilities or delivering finished goods to retailers – transportation likely plays a significant and crucial role to your business… but also impacts quality of life for so many.

    Depending on your business, transportation may be classified as scope 3 emissions, with the perception of being difficult to control. Until now. RNG is a fuel choice that has been widely adopted by fleets because of its proven infrastructure and vehicle technology. It offers unmatched emission benefits – featuring up to 125% well-to-wheel GHG reductions. Tailpipe emissions are good, but don’t factor in activities that relate to the fuel’s production. Bottom line – RNG has the ability to truly impact your sustainability goals and improve air quality – fast.

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  • Go Green, Save Green

    RNG isn’t just better for the environment. It will make a positive impact on your bottom line too. It’s become an affordable fuel solution through incentives for vehicle purchases, tax credits for fuel usage and an overall lower, less volatile fuel cost. When you choose RNG for your fleet you aren’t just going green, you’re also saving green and because of this, it will be an easier sustainability project to sell throughout your company.

    Better yet, the RNG industry is firmly established, with far less unknowns compared to other alternatives (such as electric vehicles). Want to know how much you could save?

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  • Getting Started with Clean Fuel

    We’ve sparked your curiosity – so what’s next? What questions do you have and what else should you be considering?

    As a leading sustainability energy solutions provider, engaged in both RNG development and supply, we’d be happy to show you the positive impact a fuel change could have on your sustainability goals (and fuel spend)!

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Stay Ahead of the Rest

Vehicle emissions and air quality are making headlines across North America, especially in California. Consumers and legislators are starting to demand a higher level of sustainability and leading brands are already taking action. Don’t be left behind. Let’s talk about your path forward to clean transportation.

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