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We offer CNG and RNG, the cleanest alternative fuel options, to fleets seeking emission reductions and stable fuel pricing. Our extensive, accessible fueling station network with 99% site uptime, ample access to RNG and deep roots within the transportation industry allow for an efficient, profitable transition to alternative fuel.

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As a division of U.S. Venture, Inc., we’re committed to Finding a Better Way for our customers to succeed. This progressive way of thinking creates strong, lasting relationships and leads to innovative solutions that ultimately give our customers a competitive edge.

Alternative Fuel Provider

As a market leader in production, procurement and delivery of natural gas for the transportation industry – we are committed to providing the latest, most sustainable alternative fuel solutions to our customers. Natural gas, specifically RNG, features the lowest carbon intensity of any fuel, significantly contributing to emission reductions. Better yet, supply is abundant, infrastructure is developed and financial incentives are available to lessen your investment. If RNG isn’t the right fit, we offer other CNG solutions.

Partnering with Gain Clean Fuel provides a worry-free fueling experience. Our CNG and RNG stations are constructed with only the finest equipment and backed by 24/7/365 monitoring. We’re proactively searching for symptoms before they become issues – represented by our industry-leading 99% site uptime. This level of dedication keeps your fleet where they need to be – on the road.

  • RNG Development

    Renewable Natural Gas is the only CARBON-NEGATIVE fuel available, profoundly improving air quality as well as your bottom line and we are committed to rapidly expanding supply.

    We’re a leader in RNG production, well-versed in regulatory programs that drive RNG demand within the transportation industry, offering financial strength and stability, compliance expertise, dispensing capabilities and industry contacts that will expedite your path to success. Today, we have multiple production sites online and many more in various stages of development, partnering with landfills, agricultural facilities and wastewater treatment plants, converting their waste to clean and profitable fuel.

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  • Station Design

    If a station gap exists along your fleet’s route, let’s talk. Public or private, fast-fill or time-fill – we’ll discuss all options to determine the best design for your needs. We’re experienced in building new natural gas stations for fleets of all sizes, in various industries.

    By deploying learned best practices and meticulous attention to detail, rest assured the station will be constructed to meet both your current and future needs, without over-engineering. We can even cover the station cost!

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  • U.S. Gain Station Design
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  • Grant Writing

    We realize your need to remain economically competitive and as a result, are active in lobbying with government officials to keep incentives available for alternative fuel-related projects. We’re actively monitoring ongoing incentive programs – at both a federal and regional level, connecting you with the latest funding to facilitate either an expansion or transition to natural gas. We’ll also help you apply for these programs, sharing best practices and linking you to regional experts to increase the likelihood of your success.

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Community Involvement

As part of the U.S. Venture, Inc. family that is built on a culture of caring relationships, GAIN Clean Fuel associates embrace collaboration and social innovation in our philanthropic efforts. Through the U.S. Venture Open, the U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation, the U.S. Venture Fund for Basic Needs and our unique partnership with Victory Community Development Center (VICODEC) in Kenya, we challenge ourselves and our partners to address the root causes of poverty and to improve the quality of people’s lives.

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Natural Gas - The Affordable Alternative Fuel

Learn about the financial incentives available for new CNG or RNG vehicles and stations in your area.

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