Recharge Your Fueling Strategy

Electric charging is generating interest from consumers, investors, and regulatory bodies as more pilot programs and vehicle deployments continue across market sectors and vehicle classes. Currently, electric pairs best with fleets operating shorter routes, bearing high dwell times, and following a return-to-base model—though, developments are quickly rewriting electric’s best fit.

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Optimize Your Charging Experience

Are you paying too much for your electricity? Receiving the best utility rates? Achieving the lowest carbon intensity (CI) score? What are you missing? These are all questions we’ll help answer. From renewable feedstocks, carbon offsets, REC’s, and microgrids, we’re here to grow your impact with electric vehicles (EVs).

Technology Agnostic. Vision Centric.

Electric charging may be new to medium- and heavy-duty sectors, but we’re not. We’ve established relationships with multiple leading charge management providers and recognize the value in being a technology agnostic provider. We take the time to identify the right technologies for your fleet and integrate solutions that support your operations and growth strategy.

Polyfuel Consult

Charge Management

Charging Infrastructure

Credit Generation

Given your operational, sustainability, and financial goals, we’ll work with you to define your fueling portfolio—advising where electric would have best-fit applications.

We’ll give you an independent consultation to determine which chargers and charge management software will best serve your needs—helping avoid peak demand charges, manage load profiles, protect against tariffs, and provide insights into fleet performance.

Whether adding on to an existing station or building new, we’ll help deploy polyfuel sites—coordinating space claims, permitting, utility interconnects, operations and maintenance, and preplanning to incorporate future fuels used.

Through low carbon fuel standards, fleets can get paid for using electric vehicles and lifts in California and Oregon—a process we’ll manage from start to finish, leaving you to focus on your fleet. Also, as regulations solidify for the federal e-RIN, we’ll be here to help.

Are you looking to add electric charging to your polyfuel portfolio? Reach out to discuss your options.

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Business Development Manager - Fleet Electrification