A Case for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

While hydrogen is emerging in terms of technology readiness and infrastructure availability, it offers a compelling value proposition, especially for fleets with heavy duty cycles like transit and trucking. Hydrogen performs similar to diesel in all climates and terrains and lends itself well to slip seat applications in both return-to-base and dedicated routes.


Feedstock Agnostic, Technology Agnostic

Our fueling solution is not tied to any single energy feedstock or equipment provider. We’ll work with you to identify and craft a solution specific to your current and future operational goals. Our Gas-as-a-Service offering provides customers with the lowest cost option on a per kilogram basis.

The RNG Difference

Relationships matter. Our tenure in the renewable natural gas (RNG) development landscape and thought leadership across the industry helped us obtain our first RNG to hydrogen production deal —enabling carbon negative hydrogen supply. Furthering these initial relationships, we can also help fleets sell excess supply through hydrogen hubs to unveil an additional revenue stream. Discover how we can help.

Polyfuel Consult

Fuel Supply

Fueling Infrastructure

Credit Generation

We’ll work with you to define your fueling portfolio— taking into account your operational, sustainability, and financial goals – advising where hydrogen would have best-fit applications.

Steam methane reformation, electrolyzers, onsite gaseous hydrogen, or delivered liquified hydrogen—we’ll tailor supply to your project needs and fleet requirements.

Whether adding on to an existing station or building new, we’ll help deploy polyfuel sites—coordinating space claims, permitting, utility interconnects, operations and maintenance, and preplanning to incorporate fuels you may use in the future.

Thanks to low carbon fuel standards, your fleet can get paid for using hydrogen within your fleet—a process we’ll manage from start to finish, leaving you to focus on your fleet.

Are you looking to add hydrogen refueling to your polyfuel portfolio? Reach out to discuss your options.

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