Renewable Diesel

A Drop-In to Diesel Fuel

Renewable diesel leverages thermochemical and biochemical processes to transform fats, oils, and grease feedstocks into a usable fuel. Unlike biodiesel, renewable diesel can be used as a stand-alone fuel that does not need to be blended with traditional diesel. From an emissions perspective, it can result in a CI score that’s up to 85% lower than that of traditional diesel, depending on the feedstock.

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Your Starting Point With Alternatives

If you’re looking to get started with alternative fuels, your operations don’t have to be impacted. Renewable diesel enables fleets to make actionable decarbonization progress today and meet ASTM D975 specifications—providing more time to weigh alternatives like RNG, electric, and hydrogen.

Pick Your Supply—We’ll Coordinate the Rest

Our established relationships with blenders and contracted trucking positions us to provide for all your renewable diesel needs. Whether RD99, RD95, or RD90, our supply deals feature flexible pricing structures. Learn how we can help.

Polyfuel Consult

Fuel Supply

Fueling Infrastructure

Given your operational, sustainability, and financial goals, we’ll work with you to define your fueling portfolio—advising where renewable diesel would have best-fit applications.

Whether you need renewable diesel supply delivered to an existing station, or you’re looking to add it to a polyfuel station build, we can coordinate delivery—for any demand interval.

If you’re looking to build out a new station, featuring renewable diesel among other alternative fuels, we’ll coordinate space claims, permitting, utility interconnects, operations and maintenance, and preplanning to incorporate future fuels used.

Are you looking to add renewable diesel to your polyfuel portfolio? Reach out to discuss your options.

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