Renewable Natural Gas

A Carbon Negative Drop-In to Natural Gas

Contrary to popular belief, renewable natural gas (RNG) is not a fossil fuel—rather, a low to carbon-negative alternative fuel. RNG has been widely adopted by commercial fleets across many market segments. With a proven infrastructure network and vehicle technology, RNG is compatible with Cummins’ near-zero natural gas engines and Hyliion’s new hybrid natural gas/electric model.


Feedstock to Fuel

We’re developing RNG at over 30 dairies, landfills, and wastewater treatment plants—supply that’s being dispensed throughout our network of 50+ branded stations and more than 100 injection points. This vertical integration, tenure in the market, and relationships with industry partners enables us to provide for any uptick in your fueling demand.


Rooted in Transportation

For over 70 years, our organization has expanded throughout the energy and transportation supply chains—providing deep market insights into variables impacting upstream supply and downstream distribution. Learn how this knowledge can influence your RNG roadmap.

Polyfuel Consult

Fuel Supply

Fueling Infrastructure

Credit Generation

Given your operational, sustainability, and financial goals, we’ll work with you to define your fueling portfolio—advising where RNG would have best-fit applications.

After defining your implementation strategy, we’ll coordinate RNG development, gas purchase, and pipeline injection where necessary—leveraging a variety of feedstocks tailored to your fleet’s needs.

Time-fill or fast-fill, public or private, we’ll design, operate, and maintain scalable station configurations for pilot, small, and large fleets. With 99.9% station uptime, we’ll factor in future growth of fuels used and vehicles added from the start—preventing costly rework.

Thanks to low carbon fuel programs, you can get paid for using RNG within your fleet—a process we manage from start to finish, allowing you to focus on your fleet. And, with the volumes of credits we transact, you’ll obtain greater value than smaller players can generate.

Are you looking to add renewable natural gas to your polyfuel portfolio? Reach out to discuss your options.

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Vice President of Business Development