Carbon Offsets

Target Hard-to-Abate Applications

As organizations set carbon neutrality goals, carbon offsets make achieving them possible. Representing one metric tonne of carbon dioxide emissions reduced, offsets enable stakeholders to solve for carbon emissions where alternative fuel and renewable energy can’t. At U.S. Gain, we’ll connect you with the quantity of offsets needed to satisfy your sustainability goals—whatever they may be.

Expedite Decarbonization Goals

Whether emissions from owned or outsourced operations, purchased electricity, or other entities’ Scope emissions that are influenced by your business activities, carbon offsets can help counterbalance your emissions footprint, faster. Offsets provide organizations with an immediate option for climate action where direct carbon mitigation technologies do not yet exist.

Environmental Confidence. Program Expertise.

Our team was among the first to work within carbon markets—translating to years of experience and established relationships that your organization can benefit from. From initial guidance to framework implementation, we’re here to manage the process for you.

Evaluate Decarbonization Alternatives

Purchase Carbon Offsets

Retire Offsets on Your Behalf

Depending on your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emission reduction goals, we’ll work with you to define a suite of decarbonization solutions—incorporating offsets in capacities required.

Whether looking to counterbalance a portion or all your carbon emissions with offsets, we’ll coordinate the purchase—one that translates to you supporting the global development of environmental projects.

Once purchased, we’ll retire offsets in your name—tying you back to the environmental attributes. And, we’ll provide information to track offsets to their unique carbon project, offering a verification standard.

Need help securing carbon offsets to meet carbon reduction or neutrality goals? Reach out!

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