Low Carbon Fuel Programs

Get Paid for Using Alternative Fuel

Governments have incentivized the development and use of alternative fuels thanks to their ability to directly target and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. These clean fuel programs enable organizations to earn a new revenue stream through a process called credit generation—at no out-of-pocket cost just by using alternative fuel within your fleet of vehicles or forklifts.

How to Get Started with Credit Generation

Whether you’re currently generating credits, curious if you’re getting the best value, or unfamiliar with the process, by partnering with U.S. Gain, we can manage everything for you—eliminating ambiguity. Our tenured, in-house trading team will maximize your return. Learn how we can help.

Alternative Fuel Adoption

If your fleet of vehicles or lifts aren’t already running on alternative fuel, we can connect you with fuel supply and the associated infrastructure—for any blend of fuel types.

Program Registration

In participating regions, we’ll register your fleet with your program’s regulatory entity (i.e. CARB, EPA)—completing all associated paperwork and ensuring program compliance.

Data Gathering

Next, we’ll record and report on your fleet composition, vehicle duty cycles, and fueling and/or charging details on a quarterly basis—determining how many credits you’re eligible to generate.

Credit Generation & Monetization

After data is reviewed, verified, and credits are issued, we’ll monetize your credits by selling them to obligated parties (i.e. petroleum/oil refiners and blenders)—issuing you a check on a quarterly basis.

Locate Credit Generation Programs in Your Region

Many state and federal governments have enacted, pending, or proposed clean fuel programs. View the map below to learn what programs exist in (or may be coming to) your region.

Current Clean Fuel Programs

Established Regional Program

Emerging Federal/Regional Program

Evaluating Clean Fuel Programs

Established U.S. Federal RFS (All States)

United States

All Programs

The Value of a Tenured Partner

Our industry-leading trading team has worked within environmental commodity markets since their inception–transacting credits across fuel types. Backed by the strength and size of U.S. Venture, Inc., our team’s keen market insight, established relationships with buyers, expertise in transportation, and trading best practices has led us to consistently outperform annual indexed averages—benefiting you.

Reach out to learn how your organization can get started with credit generation.

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