Renewable Energy Credits

Green Your Purchased Electricity

A large majority of power supply is still generated from fossil fuels. Since organizations cannot directly influence the sourcing of the grid electricity they receive, many turn to renewable energy credits (RECs). By purchasing RECs, organizations can claim the environmental attributes from renewable energy projects.

Support Developments in Your Backyard

When using RECs, organizations have a say in what renewable projects they purchase environmental attributes from—allowing for strategic investments in regions that can benefit the most. And, because each REC is assigned a unique identification number, organizations are assured exclusive claims to the associated attributes.

We’re Program Experts, so You Don’t Have to be

There are many moving pieces and variables to consider when identifying, securing, and retiring RECs which we’ll walk through with you to ensure your best fit. Because we have a designated trading floor, our team is well versed in the intricacies of the market and know what questions to ask.

Evaluate Decarbonization Alternatives

Define Project Criteria

Purchase RECs

Retire RECs on Your Behalf

Depending on your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emission reduction goals, we’ll work with you to define a suite of decarbonization solutions—incorporating RECs as required.

We’ll work with you to select credits from preferred regional territories and project types that meet CRS and Green-e standards—aligning with any budgetary and decarbonization goals.

Whether looking to green a portion or all your purchased electricity with RECs, we’ll coordinate the purchase—which translates to you supporting the global development of environmental projects.

Once purchased, we’ll retire the RECs for your organization—tying the environmental attributes back to you and offering a verification standard.

Are you looking to incorporate RECs into your decarbonization roadmap? Reach out!

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