RNG Development

Convert Waste into Revenue

Leading agricultural facilities, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and food waste aggregation centers are developing renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG, also known as biogas or biomethane, is made by capturing, cleaning, and conditioning methane that results from the decomposition of organic materials. It’s then sold and injected into the natural gas pipeline to be used as a low to carbon-negative alternative fuel, feedstock, or renewable energy source.

Feedstock to Fuel

RNG has a diverse set of uses and demand only continues to grow. We connect developers with opportunities to sell RNG as an alternative fuel and energy source as well as leverage RNG as a feedstock for hydrogen, renewable diesel, electricity generation, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) to export.

Any Project, Any Stage

Developing and bringing RNG to market is a complex process. RNG projects require extensive planning, significant capital, intricate knowledge of environmental commodities, and the ability to monetize gas in the most lucrative markets. As a vertically integrated partner, we can advance your project. Whether you’re looking to start new or dispense existing supply into end markets, we’ll meet you where you’re at.


Operations &


Natural Gas


From planning to commissioning, we’re experienced in greenfield projects as well as the expansion and conversion of gas-to-biogas plants.

  • Equity investments
  • Project design, planning, and scheduling
  • Vendor selection
  • Pipeline interconnects
  • Trucking and decant
  • Gas clean-up

Once your project’s operational, we’ll ensure it stays that way. Our team of engineers and product strategists find innovative ways to optimize gas production, minimize emissions output, and maximize uptime.

  • Utility engagement for gas scheduling and storage
  • Application of new technologies to increase gas production
  • Strategies to reduce hydrogen sulfide levels
  • Carbon capture and sequestration technology

From construction to operations, we’ll ensure your project is completed in accordance with regulatory programs–enabling you to benefit from the full financial value of your gas.

  • Federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)
  • California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)
  • Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program (CFP)

With over 100 renewable natural gas distribution points, we’ll place your gas in the most lucrative of transportation and energy markets—safeguarding your investment and project return.

  • Fixed or variable pricing options
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Access into transportation (natural gas, hydrogen, electric), energy, and export markets

Working with clean fuel regulations since their inception, we know how to maximize the value of gas produced and when to monetize credits earned—resulting in best-in-class commodity returns.

  • Tenure in RFS, LCFS, and CFP programs
  • Internal trading team known for consistently outperforming annual indexed prices
  • Proprietary risk management system
  • Established relationships with leading obligated parties

Reach out to learn how we can help initiate and optimize your RNG development and offtake experiences.

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Vice President of Business Development - RNG