Thermal Energy

Abate Thermal Emissions with Renewables

Energy used for heating and cooling accounts for nearly 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions. We’re helping organizations implement renewable natural gas (RNG) and responsibly sourced gas (RSG) today to replace conventional natural gas as a thermal energy source as well as evaluating emerging alternatives such as renewable electricity, hydrogen, and solar thermal.

Decarbonizing Feedstocks. Expediting Success.

With 30+ RNG development projects and established relationships with gas verifiers, we connect organizations with supply they can trust—verified to the highest standards. For facilities already using natural gas for their thermal needs, RNG and RSG are true, drop-in solutions—requiring no infrastructure upgrades, changes to operations, or additional maintenance costs.

Your Preferred Partner, Our Proven Approach

Through flexible supply agreements, our market tenure, and established project development portfolio, we’ll connect your organization with volumes needed of renewable supply to fulfill incremental adoption or outright conversions. With us, you’re never restricted by deal structure—rather benefit from terms, tailored to you.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Energy Procurement

Gas Verification

We’ll work with you to determine your best-fit energy type whether RNG, RSG, or beyond—for any set of decarbonization goals or budgetary constraints.

After defining your implementation strategy, we’ll manage energy purchase, procurement, and contracting for your organization.

As the first to use M-RETS Renewable Thermal Tracking System for RNG, we give customers access to verifiable information on the feedstock, location, and volume of RNG purchased—facilitating sustainability reporting.

Are you looking to decarbonize your thermal energy use with RNG or RSG? Reach out to get started!

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Bryan Nudelbacher

Vice President of Business Development - RNG