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RNG Development

The Financially Rewarding Alternative Fuel

RNG Development Equation

Renewable natural gas (RNG) provides emission reductions during development and use. Because of the tremendous environmental impact, yet rather limited supply, financial incentives are available for producers and developers that expand access to this ultra-clean fuel.

As a vertically integrated RNG supplier, we’re working with producers and developers on a variety of landfill, agricultural and wastewater treatment projects – converting their waste to financially rewarding fuel. Our financial strength, compliance knowledge and dispensing capabilities will expedite your project’s approval and maximize return on investment.

How should we contact you about financing?

How should we contact you about dispensing?


  • Financial Strength

    With a strong balance sheet and drive to expand RNG supply, we proudly partner with producers and developers in various capacities, offering equity investments, fixed price and variable price gas purchase arrangement options. We recognize each opportunity is unique and are mindful to tailor involvement based on project needs. We’re able to participate as much or little as necessary.


  • Compliance Expertise

    Many RNG projects stall during the compliance process. With deep knowledge of both the EPA and QAP programs – we’re able to help partners quickly move through this stage of project development.

    When it comes to monetizing financial incentives offered as part of the renewable fuel standard (RFS) and California’s low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) programs, we can also expedite this process. We have a strong history of securing and selling renewable identification number (RIN) and LCFS credits. This structure eliminates revenue-share with brokers or intermediaries, maximizing profitability for all parties.


  • Dispensing Capabilities

    To maximize financial credits associated with RNG, our extensive natural gas fueling station network provides necessary dispensing capabilities. We have fleets ready to take on RNG, specifically in LCFS states.

    Noteworthy Strengths

    • EPA & QAP Registration
      RIN & LCFS Trading
      Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • RIN & LCFS Credit Generation
      Strong Balance Sheet
      Flexible Business Approach
    • RFS Insight
      Technical Acumen


  • Where is RNG?
  • Where is RNG?

    RNG is derived from a variety of feedstocks – food waste, wastewater, agricultural waste and landfill gas. Annually, the United States generates over 70 million tons of organic waste, presenting a plentiful and steady supply to support RNG development. However, there are less than 100 sites actively producing RNG that can be used as fuel and to expedite supply, strong financial incentives are available. Think your landfill or agricultural facility may be prime for development?

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  • RNG is Here to Stay

    As a producer or developer, you may wonder if this RNG boom will be short-lived or long-term. With heavy-duty trucking and as a result, smog levels on the rise, people are demanding changes to improve air quality. Leading corporations have listened – establishing transportation-related emission reduction strategies. Governments too realize the impact trucking can have on air quality in their communities and have deployed diesel-taxation strategies to spur interest in alternative fuel. Overall, fleets are and will continue to seek a clean, yet economically viable fuel, like RNG.

  • RNG is Here to Stay

Let's Move in the Right Direction

We offer RNG expertise to position you ahead of the rest.

  • Hardy Sawall
    Director of Business Development – Agricultural
  • Bryan Nudelbacher
    Director of Business Development – Landfill & Wastewater

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