Our Culture

Finding a Better Way

When customers have the right tools, their sustainability goals become reality. This is what inspires our team—staying ahead in alternative fuel and renewable energy markets to give companies, like yours, a competitive edge. Our team brings unrivaled expertise, tenacity, and character that will ensure your goals are met on time and within budget.

Our Differentiating Values

Caring Relationships

The best type of work shouldn’t feel like work. We encourage our team to foster fun, friendship, and compassion in all aspects of their life—whether with fellow team members, industry partners and customers, or through community outreach.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our greatest resource is our people. Challenged to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, we empower our team to push boundaries, take risks, and share bold, innovative ideas to bringing life to new decarbonization strategies.

Strategic Foresight

Today’s Sustainable Energy Solutions may look different tomorrow. To ensure you’re positioned for success, we’re assessing the market, redefining possible. Our goal? To unveil new opportunities that set a precedent in the market.

High Performance

Success is found in the extra mile. We encourage our team to own every challenge they face, dare to be better than they once were, and positively influence the sustainability landscape—moving our world towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Invest in People. Reinvent Possible.

Not only do we ensure our team members are a good fit for U.S. Gain, but that U.S. Gain is the right fit for them. This has led to advocates who are inspired by what they do, motivated by organizations’ unique goals, and determined to do right by our team, customers, partners, and community.

Meet Our Team

Giving Back to Communities in Need: Locally and Globally

Giving back is a defining part of who we are. Through the U.S. Venture Open, the U.S. Venture/Schmidt Family Foundation, the U.S. Venture Fund for Basic Needs, and our partnership with Victory Community Development Center (VICODEC) in Kenya, we challenge our team and partners to address the root causes of poverty. From standalone donations and volunteer time to the option to contribute a percentage of their paychecks, our team is helping improve the quality of life for others.

Our Philanthropic Impact Last Year



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Our Family of

At U.S. Gain, we’re a part of something bigger. For over 70 years, our parent company, U.S. Venture, has been finding a better way for organizations and fleets to operate—giving life to our breadth of divisions and over 3,300-person team. From fuel supply to transportation products and services, emissions management technology, and beyond—we’re here to help.