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As fleet managers work to align their fueling portfolio with sustainability directives, the success of one department doesn’t have to result in sacrifices for the other. Factoring in technology readiness, operational capacity, and environmental impact, your portfolio will be able to scale alongside your fleet.

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Leverage a Polyfuel Approach

No single fuel will meet every fleet’s unique needs. Get started confidently with proven solutions today, expanding use as technology matures and is deployed at scale.


Discover New Revenue

All roads lead to financials. With grant funding and state and federal clean fuel incentive programs, your savings can be reinvested into your bottom line.


Enhance Operational Support

Operational success shouldn’t be negotiable. Your ideal blend of fuels will enable on-time delivery, enhance safety, support driver retention, and align with budget.

MD/HD Trucking: Make Every Mile Driven Count

Our initial adoption of 180+ RNG fueled trucks will result in 70% emission reductions when compared to diesel. Looking to the future, as we convert our dedicated fleet to zero-emission technology, we can further reduce our transportation footprint by over 18%. – Scott Blair, Anheuser-Busch

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Transit Agencies: Contribute to a Cleaner Community

Transitioning to RNG was simple. We were able to use our existing fueling sites and buses and the fueling process is the exact same. In fact, the only changes were positive—enabling us to generate revenue from Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program (CFP) and reinvest it into our operations. — Daniel Knauss, Cherriots

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Schools: Fuel the Future of Students

Thanks to a partnership with U.S. Gain and funding from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), we’re benefiting from a new, reliable, onsite fueling station that features three times the capacity of our previous station. – Moreno Valley USD

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Refuse Haulers: Decarbonize Your Operations

Converting our fleet to CNG not only made business sense, but it saved our business cents—providing an opportunity to stand by our mission of creating opportunities for environmental stewardship. – Don Bibby, Emterra Environmental

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Municipalities: Accelerate Your Decarbonization Plans

The grants we received helped us replace older vehicles with newer, cleaner-burning equipment as well as install alternative fuel infrastructure—helping us further fulfill our mission of protecting public health and the environment. – Dave Bolderoff, LASCD

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