Offer Ratepayers a Sustainable Choice

Consumers are seeking renewable thermal energy—giving preference to organizations that prioritize ESG reporting, minimize fossil fuel reliance, and share decarbonization targets. Progressive utilities are working to restructure their offering, including solutions like renewable natural gas.

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Enhance Environmental Confidence

Consumers want clean, verified renewable energy. The M-RETS platform provides this while protecting against the double-counting of environmental attributes.


Mitigate Project Risk

Partners with diversified RNG development portfolios can protect against supply disruptions—meeting demand, even if gas volumes fluctuate at any given site.


Satisfy Supply Requirements

Some ratepayers look for their (thermal) energy to come from new development projects rather than existing RNG facilities—projects we can identify and bring to life.

M-RETS: Validate Environmental Attributes

We’re thrilled to work in collaboration with U.S. Gain to approve the first RTC generator and issue the first certificates on the new platform. This first, thermal-specific tracking system in North America will aid the growth of thermal compliance in voluntary markets. – Ben Gerber, M-RETS

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The market is quickly approaching a tipping point in terms of gas sourcing and marketing. With new technologies and satellite emissions monitoring, RSG offers organizations a cost-competitive solution to address emissions, today.” – Lynn Lyon, U.S. Gain

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Green Tariffs: Value to Ratepayers

Amidst the energy transition, residential and industrial stakeholders are calling for grid electricity to be sourced from even more renewable energy—a vision green tariffs are helping support. – Lynn Lyon, U.S. Gain

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