Monetize Your Electric Vehicles

Warehouses and port serving fleets are transitioning to alternative fuel-based lifts. Unless participating in credit generation, they’re not just leaving money on the table, rather letting their utility claim it. With the right partner, fleet managers will unveil new revenue without impact to their operations.

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Recover New Revenue

In applicable regions you can get paid for using electric or hydrogen lifts, lowering the total cost of capital equipment and generating a new revenue stream.


Mitigate Project Risk

From data gathering to quarterly reporting and program adherence, let your partner assume associated risks— allowing you to focus on managing your fleet.


Simplify Adoption

With the right chargers, your operations won’t change. You’ll avoid peak demand charges, ensuring lifts are ready when needed, without costly utility premiums.

Secure New Revenue from Your Lifts

Through environmental rebate programs, governments are paying organizations for using alternative fuel-based on-road fleets and forklifts—meaning, every time you charge your fleet, you’re earning credits.

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Don’t Leave Money on the Table

For organizations using electric lifts in California, what many don’t know is they could be earning up to $3,000 per lift, per year through the LCFS—simply for operating their fleet. With three simple steps, you can get started today. – Sara Wiegert, U.S. Gain

Learn How

California’s WAIRE Rule Impact to Warehouses

California’s South Coast AQMD jurisdiction is requiring warehouses to invest in ZE/NZE vehicles, install charging and fueling stations, onsite solar, and beyond to meet program compliance and reduce emissions. Let us help you monetize your fleet. – Scott Hanstedt, U.S. Gain

Evaluate Your Options

Tire’s Warehouse: E-Lift Monetization Strategy

From initial registration, to quarterly data reporting and noting changes in fleet composition or charger types, working with U.S. Gain has been seamless. They’ve managed the entire process, enabling me to manage our fleet. —Brad Uptgraft, Tire’s Warehouse

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